Melitta Debuts Latest in Single-Serve Coffee

Patented UpShot™ Solution Technology Now in Place at Long-Time Roasting Facility
CLEARWATER, Fla. (May 10, 2013)Melitta USA, a brand well-recognized for exceptional quality in all aspects of coffee and coffee preparation, evolves even further into the booming single-serve market with the addition of single cup coffee. The brand this week unveiled customized UpShot™ Solution equipment at its state-of-the-art coffee roasting facility in Cherry Hill, N.J. and is now equipped to produce its own Melitta Café de Europa Gourmet Single Cup Coffee, as well as provide manufacturing options – roasting, filling and packaging services – to third party brands looking to enter the single-serve market.  Developed by LBP Manufacturing, Inc., the UpShot Solution features an eco-friendly (composed of 100 percent recyclable polypropylene), single-serve filter that Melitta will fill with coffee. The filter is compatible with Keurig, Inc. and other single-serve brewers and delivers a heightened sensory appeal to the brewing process. Consumers can see and smell their coffee from the moment they open the outer seal. Several Cherry Hill community leaders and executives from LBP and Melitta were on hand to mark the occasion, including Vice President of Marketing Chris Hillman. “We’re excited to bring this premium single-serve option to our Melitta customers and to other brands looking to enter this category,” said Hillman.  The installation of this equipment marks another major update to Melitta’s Cherry Hill facility, following a $10 million modernization completed in 2011. The brand’s coffee roasting plant has been in continuous operation since 1963, when Melitta first entered the U.S. retail coffee market, and it produces the full range of Melitta coffee products for major retail chains and small specialty stores across the country. At the ceremony, Hillman continued, “The installation of this state-of-the-art equipment is a significant addition to our facility – one that will support future growth, partnerships and continued innovation on behalf of Melitta.” Hillman also gave thanks to the brand’s employees, praising them for their continued hard work and excellence in production. The new Melitta Café de Europa Gourmet Single Cup Coffee is available in four varieties – Classique (medium roast), Vienna Roast (dark roast), Blanc et Noir (a blend of light and dark roasts) and Espresso Toscana (extra dark roast) – at and will be available at all major grocery retailers in the Northeast, and other select retailers throughout the U.S., in the coming months. A 12 count box will retail for $9.49.

Melitta Introduces New, Premium Coffee Pods to Single Serve Line-Up

Available at Walmart Stores Nationwide
CLEARWATER, Fla. - Melitta, a brand well recognized for exceptional quality, expands its single serve offerings with the introduction of new, premium coffee pods.  Currently available, these soft pods are specially designed to fit all Senseo® and Hamilton Beach® Pod Coffeemakers.  Melitta Single Serve Coffee Pods provide an American audience, increasingly sophisticated about coffee, a convenient way to bring a little European indulgence into their own homes.  
True to its European heritage, Melitta sources only premium, high-grown coffees from the finest coffee- producing regions of the world.  These top-quality, hand-picked beans are then batch roasted and ground extra fine, releasing the full elegance of the coffee's flavor.  The resulting brew is always rich and never bitter.
The new Melitta Single Serve Coffee Pods are available in three varieties:  Dark Roast, Medium Roast and Decaf.  The dark and medium roasts contain 18 coffee pods each; the decaf, 16 coffee pods.
"With Senseo coffee pods no longer available at retail in the US, owners of pod brewers are looking for alternative options.  We're excited about the introduction of Melitta premium coffee pods into Walmart, offering consumers great coffee at a great value," says Chris Hillman, vice president of marketing at Melitta.
Melitta Single Serve Coffee Pods are currently available at all Walmart stores.  A nationwide rollout to major grocery and specialty retailers will continue into the spring.

The Pour-Over...... The New Buzz in Coffee

Melitta's timeless brewing method is rediscovered

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- It seems a coffee drink is introduced daily, one with more whipped cream and syrup (and calories).  But, the real news in coffee is a new appreciation of coffee pure and simple and the rediscovery of the manual drip method of brewing.  Coffee cognoscenti have rechristened the technique as "the pour-over," and say there is no better way to make a cup of coffee.
The pour-over started showing up at independent coffee houses that wanted to provide a fresh, perfectly brewed single cup of coffee at any moment throughout the day.  Preparation consists of a cone – lined with a filter and filled with ground coffee – sitting atop a coffee cup.  Water is poured manually and slowly over the grounds and coffee drips into the cup below.  A pour-over is made in front of the customer, often right at the table.
It is the latest coffee obsession, but the method dates back over 100 years when a German housewife named Melitta Bentz resolved to improve the taste of coffee, which at the time was a gritty, murky beverage, the result of putting grounds in a cloth bag and dangling it in hot water – the method of the day.  She devised a paper filter, set it in a brass cup in which she had punched holes, and filled it with ground coffee.  She then poured water over the grounds, and coffee – clean and clear – dripped into a drinking cup below.  Melitta Bentz's improvement was so revolutionary she founded a company in 1908: Melitta, the world's first mega-brand in coffee.  Long called the drip method, her way of making coffee is now dubbed "the pour-over," and it's all the buzz again.
Today's technique remains just as Melitta Bentz invented it.  It's low-tech, utterly simple and guarantees a great tasting cup of coffee every time: fresh, clean and never overdone.  There is no over-brewing or prolonged heating that breaks down coffee's intense flavors.  Not only have top cafes added a pour-over to their menu, but Starbuck's announced it will be doing the same.  Pour-over coffee bars are showing up in restaurants, like Maialino, the latest eatery of famed New York City restaurateur Danny Meyer.  Even Ben & Jerry's has borrowed the name for a dessert featuring a shot of coffee poured over a shake-like concoction.
How to Make a Pour-Over
To properly make a pour over, water is poured over the grounds in a swirling motion.  The grounds should not sit in water, and it takes about a minute to pour the water in and extract the coffee flavor.  Water temperature should be just below boiling, say the coffee experts at Melitta.  Also, pour-overs are universally made with extra-fine grind coffee, like those in the premium category, such as Melitta's own 100% Arabica Café Collection.
The method and the equipment are the same for commercial establishments and for home preparation.  Melitta offers a single cup brewer called the Ready Set Joe, sold at grocery stores and  Sales, according to Chris Hillman, Vice President of Marketing at Melitta USA, have recently taken off.  "Coffee lovers now realize that one of the best ways of making coffee is also the easiest and least expensive."  Ready Set Joe comes boxed with a filter cone, filters and mug, either a ceramic or travel version.  Price is $5.99.  Melitta also offers six-cup and ten-cup manual coffee makers utilizing the pour-over method.
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